BRCA Report

The Oncomine™ BRCA Research Assay used with Ion Reporter™ Software enables the detection and visualization of whole exon and multiple exon deletion in BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes in somatic and germline samples with high sensitivity.

  • When you open a visualization for BRCA analysis results, you can view a BRCA Report that shows read counts of BRCA1 and BRCA2 exons that are normalized to the Oncomine BRCA DNA Baseline.

  • In the IRGV tab, you can view exon deletions or duplications on chromosomes 13 and 17.

    1. Click to open the Sample Analysis Summary in a separate browser window

    2. Zoom in and zoom out for the selected chromosome

    3. Click to select and view a chromosome

    4. Scroll down in this section to see more of the alignments or hotspots.

    5. Slide the Confidence filter to change the value that is applied to the score that is reported for the CNV on the Analysis Results screen.

    6. Slide the MAPD filter This filter applies to the entire sample. If the reported MAPD value is above the selected MAPD filter value, no CNVs are displayed in the BRCA Report.

    7. Click IRGV Export & Preferences to open the visualization in IGV, export the whole genome view or the IRGV tracks to a PNG file, or show IRGV preferences.

    8. Oncomine BRCA Research Assay designed BED file alignment. This IRGV track shows the alignment of the amplicons to the reference sequence.