About analysis workflows

Analysis workflows in Ion Reporter™ Software are sets of instructions that determine how analysis results are produced.

The predefined analysis workflows include settings for common genetic research analysis applications. You can use a predefined analysis workflow as is, or you can copy a predefined analysis workflow, customize its settings, then save and reuse it in the future. After a predefined analysis workflow is copied and saved, it is known as a custom workflow. You can also copy and edit, or edit a custom workflow.

When an analysis workflow that contains samples is launched, Ion Reporter™ Software generates an analysis. Each analysis contains analysis results in various formats, including tables and visualizations in the software, and data files that can be downloaded.

In Torrent Suite™ Software, you can create a Planned Run that transfers data automatically to the appropriate Ion Reporter™ Server or to an Ion Reporter™ Software on Connect account, and use one of the available workflows to create an analysis.

All analysis workflows that are available to your Ion Reporter™ Software organization are listed under the Workflows tab.