Manage the API token

The API token is used to upload data to the server version of Ion Reporter™ Server and access data from the API.

These steps can be performed by either an administrative user or a regular user.

The API token is like a password. When you generate a token, it is similar to resetting a password, and existing users become locked out.

Under most circumstances, you should not generate a new API token if one already exists.

Two functions of the IonReporterUploader plugin do not work when you regenerate the token. The functions and the steps to recover functionality are as follows:

  • IonReporterUploader plugins that are configured with your Ion Reporter™ Software account. To recover, in IonReporterUploader plugin configuration in Torrent Suite™ Software, retype your password, then click Update .

  • Scripts or code that access the Ion Reporter™ Software API with your previous token. To recover, use your new token with those scripts.

Follow these steps to access your API token:

  1. Torrent Suite™ Software, click the Admin tab.
  2. Click Actions > Manage API Token.
  3. In the Manage API Token dialog box, if the API Token field is blank, click Generate to create your token.

    If a token already exists, click Generate to generate a new one.

A new token is created. The functions noted above will no longer work with the new token until you perform the described actions.