Create an Analyses table preference

You can create a table preference setting in Ion Reporter™ Software. The table preference allows you to view only the columns of data that are relevant to your research in an Analyses table.

The table preference setting is included as output when you download a variants file.

  1. In the Analyses tab, click Overview.
  2. Click Preferences > Select Columns.
  3. In the Select Columns dialog box, select any available columns that you want to add, then click Apply.

    The selected columns are added on the right side of the table.

  4. Save the custom table as a preference.



    Preferences > Save Table Preference As

    This setting allows you to name the custom table preference. The preference setting is then selectable from Preferences > Table Preferences.

    Preferences > Save Table Preference

    This setting becomes the standard view for the user account. To restore default table columns, click Preferences > Restore Defaults.

The table preference remains until you change it by clicking Restore Defaults or by applying another table preference.