Set IRGV or IGV as the default viewer

You can set a preference for your account that determines whether Ion Reporter™ Genomic Viewer (IRGV) or Integrative Genomics Viewer (IGV) opens by default when you visualize analyses.

IGV is the genomic viewer that is made by the Broad Institute. IRGV is the faster-loading genomics viewer that is built into Ion Reporter™ Software.

  1. Click (Settings) > Account Preferences.
  2. In the Account Preferences dialog box, in the IGV launch preference row, select IGV or IRGV, then click Save.

    A visualization opens when you perform the following actions.

    To view . . .

    Do this . . .

    A visualization of one or more analyses in IRGV.

    1. In the Analyses tab, in the Overview screen, enable the checkbox in for the analysis you want to visualize, then click Visualize in the upper right corner of the screen.

      The visualization opens in the Analysis Visualization screen in IRGV.

    A visualization of a gene of interest in a separate browser tab.

    1. In the Analysis Visualization screen, click Variants Table, then click on the locus of interest in the Locus column.

      • If the Account Preference is set to IRGV, IRGV is launched in a separate browser window.

      • If the Account Preference is set to IGV, a JNLP file is downloaded when you click the locus in the Variants Table. Double-click the file to launch IGV as a standalone application on your computer.