Download IonReporterUploader command-line utility

The IonReporterUploader command-line utility is an alternative to the IonReporterUploader plugin that is included with Torrent Suite™ Software. You can download the IonReporterUploader command-line utility at: For information on IonReporterUploader plugin, see the Torrent Suite™ Software Help, or the Torrent Suite™ Software User Guide.

This procedure explains how to download and install the IonReporterUploader command-line utility from Ion Reporter™ Software. The procedure can vary, based on the operating system of the target computer. In general, decompress the downloaded directory on your target machine, then copy the directory IonReporterUploader-cli to a convenient location.

Ideally, download the IonReporterUploader command-line utility onto the computer where it is to be run. At a minimum, you must use a computer with the same operating system.

IMPORTANT! Use only the decompression utility available on your local computer. Do not decompress files on a different operating system and copy those files to a computer that uses a different operating system.

  1. Click Settings () > Download Ion Reporter Uploader.
  2. Click the filename, then download the file to the target computer.
  3. Extract the downloaded file, then copy the IonReporterUploader-cli directory to a convenient location on the target computer.