Upload a hotspots BED file workflow preset

You can upload a hotspots BED file from a copied analysis workflow and then create a hotspots BED file workflow preset for use in other analysis workflows.

IMPORTANT! Use only BED file names that do not contain spaces. If a file name includes spaces, the analysis fails.

  1. In the Workflows tab, click Create.
  2. In the Research Application column, click DNA. Click any type of Sample Group.
  3. In the Reference step, in the Hotspot Regions section, click Upload.
  4. In the Upload Hotspot File dialog box:
    1. Click Select File, then browse to your BED file.
    2. Confirm that the correct BED file name appears, then click Upload.

      Ion Reporter™ Software uploads and verifies your BED file. When verification is complete, the progress bar changes to green and you see the "available for use" message.

    3. Click Close.

    The new BED file preset appears in the Hotspot Regions section of the References step.

  5. You can now upload additional BED files, continue to create a analysis workflow, or cancel the analysis workflow creation.

    In the Workflows tab, click Presets, then select Annotation Sets > Hotspot Regions Files. The new BED file is listed in the Workflow Presets table.

  6. (Optional) When you have run a set of samples to confirm that your new preset works as you intended, select the preset in the Workflow Presets table, then click Actions > Lock to lock the analysis workflow.

    You cannot undo a lock action.