Browse a visualization by amplicon name

You can use the links on the amplicon names that are in the Amplicon Coverage table to browse through analysis results that are open in the IRGV & Generate Report tab or a visualization that is open in Integrative Genomics Viewer (IGV).

In some web browser versions, this functionality may be blocked for IGV. If you cannot browse by amplicon names in an IGV, use instead IRGV, or use a different web browser.

  1. Click a link for an amplicon name in IRGV or IGV for the relevant experimental data, panel files, or genomic annotation sources.

    If you use IRGV, drag, then drop, the newly opened IRGV & Generate Report tab to view the tab as a separate window.

  2. Click another link for an amplicon name in the Analysis Results table to browse to the next amplicon name in the visualization.