About analyses

When one or more samples are successfully analyzed using an analysis workflow in Ion Reporter™ Software, the output is a set of analysis results. Analyses provide you links to tabular analysis results, and access to report generation and the visualization tools Ion Reporter™ Genomic Viewer (IRGV) and Integrative Genomics Viewer (IGV).

One or more samples from a sequencing run can be automatically analyzed in Ion Reporter™ Software. For this automatic analysis, set up the IonReporterUploader plugin, and select an Ion Reporter™ Software analysis workflow in Torrent Suite™ Software. For more information, see the Torrent Suite™ Software Help.

You can also generate, or launch, one or more analyses manually in Ion Reporter™ Software. Manual launches allow you to select an analysis workflow and one or more previously uploaded sample or samples for the analysis. For single-sample analysis workflows, you can select multiple samples for multiple single-sample analyses to be created with the selected analysis workflow. In this case, each analysis delivers an independent set of analysis results.

If you have numerous analyses to launch, you can launch analyses with different samples by batch with a CSV file. Batch launches of multiple analyses can use one or more analysis workflows.

Any time that an analysis is successfully completed, Ion Reporter™ Software sends you an email notification that provides a link to the analysis. You can use the link to review, edit, and interpret analysis results. Or you can access analyses and open analysis results in the Analysis tab of the software.