Enable or disable private folders on Ion Reporter™ Server

An administrator can enable or disable a private folder in Ion Reporter™ Software for individual user accounts. Private folders allow a user to restrict all visibility to their data.

After a private folder is enabled, the data, analysis, and analysis workflows created by that user and generated in that folder are visible only to the user who owns the private folder, and to the administrator who set up the private folder.

This functionality is available only for the Ion Reporter™ Server. It is not available for Ion Reporter™ Software on Connect.

IMPORTANT! If a private folder is disabled anytime after it is enabled, all data that was generated in that folder can no longer be accessed. If a new private folder is created by reselecting Requires private folder, then all data generated in the previous private folder remains inaccessible.

  1. Click the Admin tab.
  2. In the Users list, select the row for the user, then click Edit in the User Details.
  3. In the Edit User window, select or unselect Requires private folder, then click Save.