Isotype usage

Immune Repertoire Analysis Results reports isotype representation within a sample, which is calculated through either the number of reads per isotype, the number of clones per isotype, or the number of lineages per isotype. This view is available only for the Oncomine™ BCR IGH‑LR Assay. Select Isotype usage from the Views list to see the graphs that represent the data.

Ordering of the isotypes reflects their position within the IGH locus. B cells of plasmablast or plasma cell type express the BCR at a higher level than memory or naïve B cells. Therefore these cell types have an outsized contribution to the reads per isotype plot, but less so for calculations made at the clone or lineage level.

Isotype usage example

  1. Reads per isotype

  2. Clones per isotype

  3. Lineages per isotype