Compare multiple analyses and download TSV file

Follow these steps to compare multiple analyses:

  1. In the Analysis > Overview tab, select multiple analyses.
  2. (Optional) Use the Filter Applications menu to view only analyses of interest.
  3. In the Actions menu on the right, select Visualize.
  4. All results are shown initially.
  5. Click the numbers in the Venn components to toggle for inclusion.
  6. Then use the Filter button to update the results to include only toggled components.
  7. Use the Clear button to deselect all Venn components.
  8. When no components are selected, no Venn filtering is performed.
  9. Hover over a sample name to see the analysis to which it belongs.
  10. To download the results, go to Download > Current Results TSV.

    The software outputs a zipped TSV file of all the analyses for comparison.

Clustering in CNV heat map For CNV heat maps, ploidy is used as the score for every gene-sample pair to generate the heat map. Thereafter hierarchical clustering is conducted for clustering genes and samples within the heat map.