Interpret a fusion call

The analysis results provide several ways to confirm a fusion call, including Imbalance values, visualization, and Normalized Detection Fractions.

Imbalance values

Imbalance values are good predictors of fusion calls that involve ALK, RET, or ROS1 driver genes. We have not found Imbalance values to be predictors of fusion calls that involve a NTRK1 driver gene.

Follow these steps to find the Imbalance value for a specific fusion call:

  1. Find the fusion's driver gene (the second gene listed in the Genes (Exons) column.

  2. Find the ASSAYS_5P_3P entry that reports that driver gene in its Genes (Exons) field.

  3. Use the Imbalance value for that ASSAYS_5P_3P entry to interpret the fusion calls for all fusions whose driver gene matches the ASSAYS_5P_3P's Genes (Exons) field.