Download detailed analysis logs

You can download logs that contain details for each analysis in Ion Reporter™ Software. You can share the detailed analysis results, analyze them in another software application, or provide the results to Technical Support for troubleshooting.

  1. In the Analyses tab, click Overview, then select the analysis of interest.
  2. Click Actions > Download Logs.

    A status message prompts you to find the compressed directory, available for download from the Notifications screen.

  3. Click the link for the notification in the status message, or click Home > Notifications to view messages.
  4. Find the analyses on the Notifications screen, then click (Download).

    The analyses results directory is downloaded to the browser or a file folder, depending on the browser settings.

  5. Extract the contents of the directory to access the folders and files.

    Folder or file name



    This folder contains details about the algorithmic pipeline that was used in the analysis workflow and details about the analysis. The following files and folders are included:

    • analysis.log—Contains output from the logs console about the analysis workflow modules executed for the analysis.

    • analysis.status—Contains detailed information about the execution of an analysis. The details include status, percent completion, time taken for each analysis workflow module to complete, version of the analysis workflow module.

    • AnalysisData.json—Contains information about the analysis workflow configuration that is required for the analysis.

    • analysisSamples.json—Contains information about sample or specimen details that are required for the analysis.

    • log folder—Contains logs for analysis workflow module-level information.

    • .ini files folder—Contains parameter information for each execution of an analysis workflow module that is required for the analysis.

    • summary.log—Start and end time for each time an analysis workflow module is executed for the analysis.

    • analysis stderr.log—When an analysis failure has occurred, this log contains critical analysis errors that occurred for the analysis.

    • analysis primary-failure.log—When an analysis failure has occurred, this log contains specific errors that occurred for each execution of the analysis workflow modules for the analysis.


    This file contains details about the analysis process and the start and finish time for each analysis workflow module.