Analysis results

In Ion Reporter™ Software, the variants identified after an analysis workflow has been launched and completed are summarized in Analysis Results. You can view analysis results as tabular data in multiple formats, or visually in graphs, interactive charts, plots, and histograms. Detailed QC metrics, audit logs, and several types of reports generated from the analysis results are available.

Customization of the view and layout of the tables and the application of filters and column rearrangements allows you to view a table of analysis results that contains only the data that is of interest to you. You can sort, view, and flag relevant variants, track significant variants, and ignore insignificant variants, such as known false positives. Variants from all analyses that are designated as Important are listed in the My Variants database.

Classifications, such as Benign or Likely Pathogenic, can be added to variants that are in analysis results so that you can organize, group, and track variants. You can customize variant classifications and store those classifications.

Visualization tools in the software include time series graph creation, comparisons between multiple analyses displayed in tables and graphs, such as heat maps, the Ion Reporter™ Genomic Viewer (IRGV), and the Integrative Genomics Viewer (IGV).