Download analysis files

You can download files for analyses in Ion Reporter™ Software that do not include variants. Examples are Metagenomics analysis results and Immune Repertoire analyses.

  1. In the Analyses tab, click Overview.
  2. Select an analysis to download, then in the Details section, click Actions > Download Results.

    A notice may appear that states that the request is in progress and that downloaded files are available on the Notifications screen.

  3. To download the file from Ion Reporter™ Software:
    1. Click the Home tab, then click Notifications.
    2. Locate the download notification in the list. You can click Downloads to narrow the list, or refer to the timestamp.
    3. Select the analysis notification that you want to download, then click (Download).
  4. Extract the contents of the directory to access the folders and files.

    A compressed directory named analysis is downloaded.

    Depending on the analysis you selected, the ZIP file may contain the following:



    Plugin outputs

    Contains files related to the plugins used, including: CSV, FASTA, JSON, PNG, and HTML files.


    Contains files related to the analysis. The folder may contain TXT, FASTA, PDF, CSV, or PNG files.


    • <bam_file_basename>.ionstats_alignment.json
    • analysis.bfmask.stats
    • explog_final.txt
    • raw_peak_signal
    • InitLog.txt

    The basecaller_results folder contains the following JSON files:

    • BaseCaller.json
    • datasets_basecaller.json
    • ionstats_tf.json
    • TFStats.json

    Workflow_ Settings

    • Analysis_Settings—Folder that contains a text file of the settings used for the analysis workflow.

    • Module_Configuration_Files—Folder that contains tertiary analysis files, including: INI and PLN (plan) files.