Download Quality Control (QC) files

You can download files from a Quality Control (QC) report that you open in Ion Reporter™ Software. The Quality Control (QC) file download contains a compressed directory with the following files:

  • id_QC.pdf: A copy of the QC Report PDF file. The QC report PDF file for a completed analysis contains a high-level summary of QC metrics. For more information, see Quality Control (QC) metrics.

  • QC/sample_name/AnnotatorActor/variome-stats.csv: A tab-separated file of variants statistics for this sample. These statistics are also listed in the QC report PDF file.

  • QC/sample_name/StatsActor/amplicons_low_no_coverage_statistics.txt: Coverage statistics by amplicon.

  • QC/sample_name/StatsActor/analysis_low_no_coverage_statistics.txt : Coverage statistics for the analysis.

  • QC/sample_name/StatsActor/genes_low_no_coverage_statistics.txt : Coverage statistics by gene.

  1. In the Analysis tab, click Overview.
  2. Find the analysis of interest, then select the row that lists the analysis to generate a QC report.

    Alternatively, you can select the checkbox in the row to generate the QC report.

  3. Click (Actions) > View QC Report .

    A view of the QC Report opens.

  4. Click Export > QC Package to download the QC Package to Ion Reporter™ Software.
    • If you use Ion Reporter™ Software on Connect, open the Home tab, then click Notifications to open the notifications list, then find the analysis of interest and click (Download) to download the QC package.

    • If you use Ion Reporter™ Server, download the file through the browser that you use for Ion Reporter™ Software. Then, find the QC package in the folder that is used for downloads.

    The downloaded file name is, where id is a system-generated analysis identifier.