Oncomine™ filter

This filter is the default filter for most Oncomine™ assays. It presents the user with Oncomine™ driver variants that are based on their Oncomine™ Gene Class and Oncomine™ Variant Class annotations. It can be added to filter chains in the software to detect Oncomine™-annotated variants in specific Oncomine™ panels.

Analysis workflows for Oncomine™ assays and analysis workflow templates for Ion AmpliSeq™ HD panels in Ion Reporter™ Software include the Oncomine™ Variant Annotator plugin. The plugin integrates into analysis results data from more than 24,000 exomes across solid tumor and hematological cancer types, and annotates variants relevant to cancer with Oncomine™ Gene class and Oncomine™ Variant class information. For more information and a full list of annotation rules for each Oncomine™ assay, see Oncomine Variant Annotator plugin criteria, or contact your local support representative, Field Bioinformatics Specialist (FBS), or Clinical Account Consultant (CAC).

The Oncomine™ filter (Oncomine = In) returns variants in the samples that have Oncomine™ Gene class and Oncomine™ Variant class annotation.

This filter can be used only if an Oncomine™ analysis workflow was used for the analysis. You can apply filter chains that include the Oncomine™ filter only if the analysis workflow that was used for the analysis includes the Oncomine™ Variant Annotator plugin. Examples of filter chains that include this filter are the Oncomine™ Variants and Oncomine™ Extended filter chains.