Set or reset the password on a user account on Ion Reporter™ Server

An administrator can set a new password or reset a locked password on a user account.

A user who enters an incorrect password is locked out of Ion Reporter™ Software if they exceed the maximum number of attempts that is set in the password policies. By default, the maximum number of sign-in attempts is five. When a user gets locked out, an administrator must reset the password to unlock the account. There are two mechanisms to set or reset the password for a user account.

After a password is reset, the administrator must notify the user about the new or reset password.

  1. On the Ion Reporter™ Software server, sign in to Ion Reporter™ Software, then click the Admin tab.
  2. In the Users screen, select the user account (without clicking the hyperlink for the account), then in User Details select Actions > Reset Password.
  3. In the Reset User Password dialog box, enter the new password, then retype the password.
  4. If you are certain that you want to change the password, click Confirm.
  5. Notify the user that the password has been set and give the user the new password.