RNA Exon Variants tab

The RNA Exon Variant tab displays a bar graph summary of intragenic exon rearrangements or fusions for each selected analysis. If you selected more than one analysis, the data for each sample is summarized in a separate bar graph. The RNA exon variants that are displayed in the tab are defined in the BED file. The RNA Exon Variant tab is available for all analyses that use RNA and Fusion workflows.

Figure 1. Representative RNA Exon Variants bar graphs

The X‑axis represents specific exon variants, where each variant is labeled with a gene ID followed by a sequence of adjacent exons. The Y‑axis measures the read counts for each variant, normalized to the wild type.

  1. Click Selected Analyses to view a list of the analyses that you selected for visualization.

  2. Example analysis where only the wild type EFGR (EFGR.E6E7) was detected.

  3. Example analysis where RNA exon 2–7 deletion occurred in the EFGR gene. The deletion of exons 2–7 resulted in an increase of normalized read counts for the EFGR variant that contains the intragenic fusion of exon 1 and exon 8 (EFGR.E1E8.Del1) and a decrease of normalized read counts for the wild type EFGR (EFGR.E6E7).