Manage system services

An administrator can manage system services.

This procedure applies only to system services that are related to Ion Reporter™ Server.

  1. In the Admin tab, click System Services.
  2. Click the System Services tab to see information about the servers that are connected to the Ion Reporter™ Software. The following information is displayed.




    Identifies the services that available in the software.


    Indicates whether the service is running or stopped.


    Use any of the following buttons to manage a service:

    • Restart: restart a service.

    • Start: start a service.

    • Stop: stop a service.

  3. Click the Configure Services tab, then enter the number of concurrent analyses that can be run or change the session timeout period.
  4. If you need to power off the Ion Reporter™ Server, click the Shutdown IR Server, then click Shutdown IR Server.

    IMPORTANT! All processes are stopped as a result.

  5. Click Download All Logs to create ZIP files of application logs that you can download to your desktop.

    Completed files can be retrieved from the Notifications screen on the Home tab, then downloaded to your desktop.