Filter workflow presets

You can apply filters to the Workflow Presets table to narrow search results, or shorten the list of workflow presets to make it easier to find the workflow presets of interest.

  1. In the Workflows tab, click Presets.
  2. Click the filter category to expand the list, then select a filter from the list.



    Annotation Sets

    Filter by:

    • Annotation Sets

    • Annotation Source

    • Filter Chains

    • Copy Number Baselines

    • Sequence Variant Baselines

    • Final Report Templates

    • Fusion Panels

    • Target Region Files

    • Hotspot Region Files


    Versions of Ion Reporter™ Software.


    Filter by:

    • GRCh38

    • hg19

The filtered list of workflow presets is returned in the Workflow Presets table.