Links to external databases

In the following cases, the links to external databases that are included in the Analysis Results screen can lead to database pages that are not specific, contain an error, or are blank.

  • The 5000 Exomes database link in Ion Reporter™ Software uses gene information. Because the 5000 Exomes site does not provide a unique identifier for each record, if the website does not have specific information about the gene of a variant, the link in Ion Reporter™ Software leads to a blank page. In this case, try to search for the rsID of the variant on the 5000 Exomes site. (Not all 5000 Exomes records contain rsIDs.) This image shows example 5000 Exome links in the Population tab of the variant table:

  • When a ClinVar annotation does not have a CLNACC ID associated with it, the annotation string is "untested" and the link leads to a generic ClinVar screen instead of to the specific variant page.
  • Some COSMIC records' link-outs may no longer be displayed on the COSMIC website. In such cases, the link-out leads to a generic COSMIC page that displays "no entry found".