Visualize tumor mutational burden analysis results

To visualize tumor mutational burden analysis results in Ion Reporter™ Software, the analysis workflow launched for the analysis must be any DNA–single sample, or DNA and Fusions–single sample analysis workflow that has tumor mutational burden enabled. For more information, see Enable tumor mutational burden calculation in existing analysis workflows.

  1. Do one of the following to open tumor mutational burden analysis results:



    Visualize a analysis results from an individual sample or from multiple samples simultaneously from the Analyses table.

    In the Analyses table select an individual sample result row, or select the checkbox next to each sample result you want to visualize simultaneously, then click Visualize. Alternatively, click Actions > Visualize.

    To visualize analysis results individually from the Analysis Results screen.

    In the Analyses table, click a sample result hyperlink in the Analysis column to open the Analysis Results, then click Visualize.

    The Analysis Visualization screen opens to the TMB tab. The Tumor Mutational Burden (Mutations/Mb) is shown at the top of the screen.

    Multiple sample results are listed sequentially. You must scroll to view all the analyses.

  2. Scroll down to view the QC Metrics or graphical representations of the analysis results.

    You can click Download Report to download a Tumor Mutational Burden Analysis Report in PDF format of the results with the graphs and metrics.

  3. Click Download Report.

    A Tumor Mutational Burden Analysis Report in PDF format of the results that includes copies of the graphs is automatically downloaded.

  4. In the lower right corner, click Download Variant Details TSV.

    A tab-separated values list of each variant that is detected is automatically downloaded. Open the file with a TSV compatible viewer, such as Microsoft™ Excel™, to see details of each individual variant that contributed to the tumor mutational burden count.