Samples Venn diagram in Filter Options

Use the Samples Venn diagram to limit the visualization of the selected analyses to a subset of variants. The numbers in the overlapping areas of the diagram represent variants that are common in the corresponding samples. The numbers in the non-overlapping areas represent the variants that are unique to that sample.

IMPORTANT! The Samples Venn diagram is available only when you select to compare two or three analyses side by side.

  1. Click the numbers in the Venn diagram to select the variants for inclusion on the heat map.

  2. Click Filter to update the heat map view to include only the selected variants. Click Clear to deselect all variants and restore the heat map to include all variants.

  3. Sample and Analysis legend. The analysis name is listed in the parentheses.

  4. Hover over a sample name to see the full sample name and the analysis to which the sample belongs. The analysis name is listed in the parentheses.