Ion Reporter™ Software dashboard

You can open the dashboard in Ion Reporter™ Software, then navigate to various screens, view important information about the software, and access support resources. Click the Home tab, then click Dashboard.

  1. Quick links pane

  2. Announcements pane

  3. Support pane

  4. Information pane

The Quick links pane includes:

  • Define sample—Opens the Define Samples screen, where you can upload and define samples.

  • View samples—Opens the Samples screen, where you can view, search, sort, or filter samples.

  • Create workflow—Opens the Create Workflow wizard, where you can create a new analysis workflow.

  • View workflows—Opens the Workflows screen, where you can view, search, sort, or filter analysis workflows.

  • Launch analysis—Opens the Launch Analysis wizard, where you can select an analysis workflow, add samples and plugins, and launch an analysis.

  • View analyses—Opens the Analyses screen, where you can view, search, sort, or filter analyses.

The Announcements pane includes a link to the latest Ion Reporter™ Software Release Notes and information on upcoming events.

The Have questions? pane includes:

  • Help section link—Opens the software help menu.

  • Send feedback link—Opens a help topic about how to send feedback regarding your experience with Ion Reporter™ Software.

  • Send an email to—Opens Microsoft™ Outlook and creates a new email addressed to Ion Reporter™ Software support.

  • Contact Web Support—Opens the Services & Support web page.

The What's new in Ion Reporter pane describes new features.

Note: Only the tabs and quick links corresponding to your user role are displayed. For more information, see User roles and permissions.