Status alert emails

Ion Reporter™ Software sends an email to the user who is signed in and completes any of the following actions.

  • Completes a sequencing run on an instrument that transfers run report files through the IonReporterUploader plugin. For more information, see Torrent Suite™ Software Help.

    Note: For Ion Reporter™ Software 5.10 or later, a single email will be sent if multiple samples or barcodes are transferred from a single Torrent Suite™ Software run report. Additional emails will be sent when analyses are deleted from the batch, or if some analyses remain in the Pending or Running state, then complete at a later time.

  • Creates an Ion Reporter™ Software account

  • Resets a password

  • Deletes an account

  • Shares an analysis

  • Unshares an analysis

  • Creates a new organization

  • Generates a report generation request

Users with limited storage space will also receive a status email.

Example of a storage warning message

Example of a message that is generated when an analysis is complete and a request is sent to the person in the report role to generate a report.