View Immune Repertoire analysis results

If you use an Immune Repertoire analysis workflow, you can view the analysis results in Ion Reporter™ Software.

To perform a multi-sample analysis, see Compare the immune repertoire between samples.

Note: You can search analyses from the Oncomine™ TCR Beta‑LR Assay and the Oncomine™ BCR IGH‑LR Assay by analysis name, sample name, and project. You cannot search these analyses by barcode.

  1. In the Analyses tab, click Overview.
  2. In the Workflow list, select an Immune Repertoire analysis workflow to limit the list of results to Immune Repertoire analyses.

    You can further refine the list of analyses with other filters, or click column headings to sort the list.

  3. Click the analyses name hyperlink.
  4. In the Immune Repertoire Results summary screen, click the hyperlinked Sample name to open the Immune Repertoire Results for that sample.
  5. Select the Sample Results , Sample QC , or Plugin Results tab, then select the graphical representation of the data from the Views list.