Get the latest updates from the MyVariants database

You can get the latest additions, deletions, or changes to the organization's MyVariants database by synchronizing the analysis results to the MyVariants database in Ion Reporter™ Software. For example, you can open older analysis results and apply the updates for any MyVariants that were added, deleted, or changed, to the older analysis results.

IMPORTANT! MyVariants flags are updated in Ion Reporter™ Software 5.10 and later only when an analysis is successfully completed or when   MyVariants is clicked. In previous versions of the software, the MyVariants flags are updated automatically when analysis results are opened.

  1. In the Analyses tab, click Overview.
  2. Click the link of a new or existing analysis to open the Analysis Results.
  3. Click  MyVariants to download flags from the MyVariants database into the analysis results.
  4. (Optional) Manually edit Important or Ignore flags within the analysis results.