You can label variants as relevant to your research in Ion Reporter™ Software, and either track significant variants or ignore insignificant variants, such as known false positives. You can then share the information for these variants with other researchers through a TSV file or PDF report that you create in Ion Reporter™ Software. MyVariants complements variant annotations that are already applied by the various annotation sources in Ion Reporter™ Software.

When you apply the MyVariants flags Important or Ignore to the variants that are included in analysis results from predefined analysis workflows, the variants are automatically added to the default MyVariants database for the organization in Ion Reporter™ Software. This database is named MyVariantsDb_hg19 and all users in the organization can apply it to their analysis results.

You can also apply notes and classifications to MyVariants. For more information, see Classifications and Notes.

Each analysis workflow can be associated with only one MyVariants database.

Custom MyVariants databases can be created for specific research projects or individual researchers. For example, you can create a separate MyVariants database for breast cancer research and another for lung cancer research. The same variants can have different flags and classifications in the different research areas.