Export MyVariants database

You can export a MyVariants database to share it with another user, project, or organization in Ion Reporter™ Software.

  1. In the Analyses tab, click MyVariants.
  2. Click MyVariants, then select Show All, Important, or Ignore.
  3. Click Export TSV.

    A compressed file appears.

  4. When the download is complete, a compressed directory that is named myvariants_results.zip is downloaded in the browser. Save the directory to a hard drive.
  5. Extract the MyVariants directory.

    The TSV file contains the information for each variant, such as Locus, Gene, Type, Flag Type, and Analysis Name. You can also view additional details for each variant such as the list of analyses in which the variant was called.

    Note: Sorting on the Gene(s) column factors for each gene in a multigene result. Therefore, the order of the genes in one row is by chromosomal order, not alphabetical order.