Create a sample CSV file to define samples

You can define multiple samples in Ion Reporter™ Software, or update existing samples and edit sample attributes with a CSV file. If you do not yet have a sample file, you can create a new file from a template that is available in Ion Reporter™ Software.

  1. In the Samples tab, click Overview.
  2. Click Define Samples > Import from CSV.
  3. In the Samples step, click download example.

    The SampleDefinition.csv file is downloaded.

  4. Open the SampleDefinition.csv file, then enter the sample information. Include the following information:
    • The path to the sample BAM file.

    • Sample name.

      Sample names can be any combination of alphanumeric characters plus spaces, periods (.), hyphens (-), and underscores (_). There is a 255-character limit.

    • Sample attributes, such as gender.

  5. Save the file.

After you have entered all the relevant sample information into the CSV file, use the CSV file to define the samples. For more information, see Define samples with a CSV file.