Sample definition

Before samples can be analyzed in Ion Reporter™ Software, samples must first be defined if any of the following is true:

  • Data are from BAM files that are uploaded manually to Ion Reporter™ Software from Torrent Suite™ Software, using the Upload Only option.

  • Data are imported manually through BAM or VCF files to Ion Reporter™ Software.

  • Data are contained in a CSV file of samples that was uploaded to Ion Reporter™ Software.

The sample definition process assigns a unique name to a collection of one or more sample files and the corresponding sample attributes. After samples are defined, sample data can be included when you launch an analysis in Ion Reporter™ Software.

Note: If data are transferred automatically from Torrent Suite™ Software and an analysis workflow is launched in Ion Reporter™ Software, the samples are already defined and available in the Samples tab. In general the data that is transferred to Torrent Suite™ Software through the IonReporterUploader plugin or IonReporterUploader command-line utility is automatically defined as a single sample for each BAM file, or is based up on the configuration of the plugin or the command-line utility.