Archive samples to an external storage device

This information applies only to Ion Reporter™ Server.

You can archive samples from an Ion Reporter™ Server to an external storage device to increase disk space. Archived samples can be restored only to the Ion Reporter™ Server from which they were originally archived. This procedure cannot be used to transfer samples between multiple servers.

Available options include:

  • You must have an external storage device that is mounted to your Ion Reporter™ Server to archive samples to the device.

  • If you have a new Ion Reporter™ Server or upgrade from a previous version, you must specify a storage location for archiving samples and analyses in Ion Reporter™ Server.

    IMPORTANT! Change archivalMountPath=/tmp/ to archivalMountPath=/storage IP address/ in the ionreportermanager/server/ file, then restart the Tomcat server. To check the data that you archived, go to the storage location of the archived data, which is set up in /share/apps/IR/ionreportermanager/server/ file as archivalMountPath. If you have questions about the Tomcat server, contact your Field Support Engineer or Field Bioinformatics Support representative.

  1. In the Samples tab, in the Overview screen, select the sample or samples to be archived.
  2. In the Details pane, click Actions > Archive.

    While the sample is being archived, (Archive in progress) appears in the analysis row.

    When the archive process is complete,  (Archived) appears in the analysis row.

  3. Repeat for any other samples to archive.
  4. Click Yes to confirm the archive.

The sample or samples are archived.