Import and manage samples

In Ion Reporter™ Software, the data and attributes that characterize the genomic data are called samples.

Samples originate as either data files in BAM format, or a single variants file in VCF format. Both types of files contain metadata, including attributes that characterize the samples. For example, a human DNA sample can include a gender attribute to indicate whether the sample originated from a male, a female, or whether the gender is unknown.

Samples can be automatically transferred from the sequencer through Torrent Suite™ Software to Ion Reporter™ Software using the IonReporterUploader plugin, or imported manually as individual BAM or VCF files. For more information see, Sample import options.

A set of analysis results is available in Ion Reporter™ Software when an analysis workflow is used to analyze a sample. You can view analysis results as tabular data, or visually in graphs, interactive charts, plots, and histograms. To view analysis results in a genomic context, you can use Ion Reporter™ Genomic Viewer (IRGV), a visualization tool that is included with Ion Reporter™ Software.

You can also download analysis results and visualizations. For more information, see Download analysis files and Visualize analysis results with Ion Reporter Software. Data and graphics from the visualizations can also be added to PDF reports that you generate in Ion Reporter™ Software. For more information, see Visualization reports.