Share data from an analysis

Ion Reporter™ Software provides a simple mechanism to share analysis data with anyone. They do not have to be users of Ion Reporter™ Software.

By default, all data in your organization is visible only to users within your organization. You can share data with users from other organizations, even though they do not have access to all of your data. Users whose permissions include the Analysis role can also share analysis reports.

When data from an analysis is shared:

  • The people with whom you share data or analysis reports receive an email notification with links to download the variant information (filtered and unfiltered) for DNA datasets and species quantification data for metagenomic datasets. Registered users of Ion Reporter™ Software can view the shared analysis in their organization.

  • You are notified about the status of the share in your Ion Reporter™ Software Home page. If you share data with registered Ion Reporter™ Software users, they also receive notifications.

  • You are sent an email notification to confirm that the share is complete. If you shared the data with multiple users at the same time, you receive just one email for the entire share.

  • When the share is complete, this icon appears beside the report that contains shared data on the Analyses Overview page for you and the recipients of the shared data. When a share is in progress, you see this icon: .

  • The status in the messages that are shown at the top of the Analyses page are as follows:




    A share is in progress.


    The share is successful.


    The share failed. The notification includes the reason for the failed action.

    The Analyses Overview page does not show the latest status. It shows failed status if any shares for that analysis has failed.