Admin tab overview

An administrator can access administration screens in the Admin tab.

  1. Admin tab

  2. The Users screen for managing user accounts. For more information, see Manage users.

    The System Services screen for managing system functions. For more information, see Manage system services.

    The Software Versions screen for viewing software package version information. For more information, see View software version information.

    The Plugins screen for managing plugins. For more information, see Manage plugins.

    The Policies screen for managing e-signatures and password rules. For more information, see Manage policies.

  3. Download Activity allows you to download logs of recent activity. For more information, see Download an audit log of system activities.

  4. Create User allows you to create user accounts.

  5. In the Search box, you can enter key words or text strings to find users.

  6. Table columns for the Users table.

  7. Download Audit Trail allows you to download information about user activities for a selected activity type and time period.