Edit a MyVariants database

You can edit a MyVariants database in Ion Reporter™ Software. You can add a classification to variants, add notes, synchronize the MyVariants database, generate a report, and select variants and perform batch actions.

This topic shows how you can flag variants in a MyVariants database. You can change the Important or Ignore flags existing in a MyVariants database. However, keep in mind that the edits can affect the MyVariants flags that are set by other members of the organization if you are sharing a MyVariants database.

If you delete an analysis that includes a variant that is labeled as Important or Ignore, the MyVariants database is unaffected and the variant flags, notes, and classifications remain.

  1. In the Analyses tab, click MyVariants.
  2. In the MyVariants table, select a specific MyVariants database from the list.
  3. Review the MyVariants flags.
  4. To change a MyVariants flag, click (Flag list), then select an appropriate option.




    Removes the existing Important or Ignore flag from the table and removes the variant from the MyVariants database for all analyses.


    Changes the existing flag to Important and stores the variant in the MyVariants database.


    Changes the existing flag to Ignore and stores the variant in the MyVariants database.