Ion Reporter™ Software on Connect

Ion Reporter™ Software on Connect, the cloud-based platform, is available at

Connect is the Thermo Fisher Scientific free, cloud-based solution. Use Connect to access scientific analysis applications, and peer and document collaboration tools. Additionally, when your lab's instruments are connected, you have access to the full breadth of features that can help boost productivity and efficiency in your lab. Connect is backed by our secure, cloud-based data storage (formerly Thermo Fisher Cloud) and includes 1 TB of storage at no charge.

Access to Ion Reporter™ Software on Connect is controlled by your user name and password. Samples, data, and results in the software are controlled through "organizations". Members of an organization share data and results in Ion Reporter™ Software on Connect in the same way that users of a particular Ion Reporter™ Server organization share data and results.

To use Ion Reporter™ Software on Connect, you must first create a Thermo Fisher account account at with a user name and password, and then either create a new organization on Ion Reporter™ Software on Connect or be invited to join an existing organization. Each Ion Reporter™ Software user can belong to only one organization at a time. You can leave an organization at any time to join or create a different organization, but you lose access to the data and results of the organization that you left.