Search or filter the MyVariants table

You can search and filter the MyVariants table to help you find a variant of interest. For example, you can filter the table by locus, gene, sample name, and other variant characteristics.

In the Analyses tab, click MyVariants, then perform the following actions in the MyVariants table.


Do this...

Search the list

In the Search box, enter a search term, then click Go.

If the search string is invalid, the search box is outlined in red. The following rules apply to all searches:

  • An asterisk (*) is not allowed in the search field.

  • Searches are not case-sensitive.

  • Searches match the search string in any location in the target list. For example, a search on "demo" in analysis workflow names matches analysis workflows with "demo" anywhere in their name.

Filter the list by category

Click the filter category to expand the list, then select a specific filter.

Filter the list by date of analysis

  • Click  (Calendar) next to From : and To : above the MyVariants table, select the date range from the calendar menu, or enter the dates in mm/dd/yyyy format, then click Go.

  • To remove the date range filter, delete the From : and To : entries.