Define a sample manually

You can define a new sample manually from imported data files or existing samples.

BAM files from multiple sequencing runs can be combined into a single sample for analysis. For example, you can combine BAM files if you are sequencing the same sample multiple times, and you want to combine those multiple samples into a single sample for greater read depth. Or, you can combine samples from different sequencing runs for sample comparisons. In Ion Reporter™ Software, you can also define a sample from a single VCF file.

Note: This procedure is not required if data are transferred automatically from Torrent Suite™ Software and an analysis workflow is launched in Ion Reporter™ Software. In this case, the samples are already available in the Samples tab. For more information, see Sample import options.

Before you manually define a sample, upload BAM or VCF data files into Ion Reporter™ Software, or use the demonstration data files available in Ion Reporter™ Software. For more information, see Upload a BAM file to create a sample or samples, Define samples with a CSV file, and Demonstration samples.

IMPORTANT! You cannot combine a VCF file and a BAM file in a sample. You also cannot combine multiple VCF files into a single sample.