Automatically add classifications and notes to variants

You can set a preference to add notes and classifications automatically to MyVariants in Ion Reporter™ Software. Use the setting to add Classifications and Notes that were used in a previous occurrence of a variant automatically to subsequent occurrence of the same variant. Variants in a MyVariants database that include the setting, when reported in a new set of analysis results, automatically add the Classifications and Notes to the variant. The analysis workflow that is used for the analysis must be associated with a MyVariants database.

  1. In the Analyses tab, in the MyVariants screen, click Preferences.
  2. In the Preferences dialog box, select one or both options to be added to variants.




    Information for the variant that is entered by a user.

    The last note added to that same variant is added automatically to new instances of that same variant in a new analysis.


    A category that users can add to a variant.

    Classification options include: Unclassified, Unknown, Benign, Suspected Benign, Likely Benign, Pathogenic, Suspected Pathogenic, Likely Pathogenic, VUS, Uncertain Significance, Deleterious, Suspected Deleterious, and Technical Artifact.

    By default, classifications for each variant are blank until a value is selected.