Create and view reports

Ion Reporter™ Software provides several types of reports for various uses in sequencing, quality control, and audits of user activities. To save or distribute a report, you can download the report and the files that are related to the report.

  • Final reports - You can create final reports directly from a single analysis. You can customize the layout and contents of a final report while you work, or you can apply a final report template. System-installed templates are available, or you can create and apply a custom template. If you want to ensure that the same report is always available when the analysis is viewed or launched, you can lock and publish a final report for that analysis.
  • Visualization reports - When you open a visualization you can generate a PDF report for one or more analyses that contain graphics and data from each analysis results set. When you generate a visualization report, the analyses are not locked. You can generate a new and different visualization report every time you open one or more unlocked analyses in the visualization area.
  • Amplicon coverage reports - Amplicon coverage reports list amplicons, SNPs, and bases in the amplicons. When you view the amplicon coverage report, you can adjust the amplicon coverage threshold to focus the report on only the amplicons that met the threshold that you set. You can view, filter, and download these reports from an open analysis or analysis results.
  • Quality Control reports - QC reports provide a high-level summary of key metrics that you can use to evaluate the quality of the data for analysis and samples, or amplicon coverage reports. Each report is specific to an individual analysis and the samples used for the sequencing run. You can view and download these reports from an open analysis or analysis results.

You must have the Report role to view and create reports. Otherwise, you can send completed analyses to someone who has the Report role. For more information, see Send an analysis to the Report role.