Available report sections

The following sections are available to add to report templates, final reports, or visualization reports.

Note: Additional sections are available if you create a visualization report.



Organizational Information

  • Required: Organizational name.

  • (Optional) Upload a logo and/or enter the organization address.


(Optional) Enter background information.

Analysis Information

Includes software version number, report generation date, name of person who launched the report, analysis workflow, name of person who analyzed the data, list of annotations, and reference information.

Sample Information

Includes all sample attributes that are included in the Samples table when the data is viewed in Ion Reporter™ Software.

QC Metrics

(Optional) Generates a table coverage metrics for hotspots, amplicons and genes. For a complete list of the metrics that are included, see Quality Control (QC) report contents. You can also view and download these metrics in a separate report. See View a Quality Control (QC) report for more information.

Note: The QC Metrics section is available in Ion Reporter™ Software 5.12 or later.

Reported Variants

Generates a table of reported variants and includes columns of variant details.

Variant Details

Includes name and description of variants as well as which samples they came from. In addition, it lists Annotations and Notes for each variant.


(Optional) Enter comments about the report or report contents.


This section provides lines with the name and qualifications of people who are required to provide a handwritten signature for the report.

Enter the name and title for a handwritten signature, then click Add. Continue to add the information for all additional required signatures, until all designated signers are added.


(Optional) Enter a custom legal disclaimer.