Visualization reports

When you visualize analysis results in Ion Reporter™ Software, you can generate a PDF report for one or more analyses that contain graphics and data from each analysis results set. Visualization reports can be generated when you open a visualization that includes data in the IRGV tab of the Analysis Visualization screen. When you generate a visualization report, the analysis, or analyses, are not locked.

Note: You cannot create visualization reports when Ion Reporter™ Genomic Viewer (IRGV) is launched from the Locus link in analysis results.

Items that are available from each visualization depend on the type of analyses that are run. The following sections are examples of sections can be added from a visualization:

  • A summary for the samples or analysis

  • The Chromosome View that is selected at the time the report is created

  • CNV Heat Map

  • Karyo View

  • Details from the samples or the analysis

  • A summary of Microsatellite Instability (MSI) results

For more information about other sections that can be added to the report, see Available report sections.