Create a final report template from analysis results

You can create a new final report template and save it for future analysis reports. As you create the report template, you can reorder sections, and add or remove sections.

You must have the Report role to create final report templates.

  1. In the Analyses tab, click Overview.
  2. Click an analysis link to open the Analysis Results screen.
  3. In the Analysis Results screen, click Generate Report.
  4. In the Generate Report screen, in the Configuration step, configure the report.
    1. In the Organization Information section,
      • Enter an organization name.

      • (Optional) To use a logo on the report, click Upload Logo, then in the Upload Header Logo dialog box, click Select File to browse to the logo file. Acceptable formats are PNG, GIF, and JPG.

      • (Optional) Enter the organization address.

    2. (Optional) Enter other standard information for the Background, Comments, Sign-Off, and Disclaimer sections.
  5. In each section, use the up, down, and X icons to move or delete sections from the template.

    Or, click Actions, then select one of the following to view a list of the sections that you can drag-and-drop into the report preview:



    Add all

    Add all of the available report template sections to the customized template or report.

    Remove all

    Remove all of the report template sections from the customized template or report.


    Return to the template to the default section configuration.

    The sections that you can add to the report template are listed under Available Sections.

    For example, to select a limited set of sections, click Remove all, then drag and drop any of the Available Sections back into the report template.

    For more information about the sections that you can add to the report template, see Available report sections.

  6. To add one or more images to the report, add an Image section and the image.
    1. Click Add Image Section, then scroll to the Images section that is added to the report preview.
    2. To name the images section, enter a title for the section in the Images field. If you do not enter a title, the section is named Images.
    3. Enter an optional description for the image.
    4. Double-click Upload Image, then click Select file in the Add Image dialog box and browse to and select the image.
    5. Confirm that the correct image is selected, then click Upload. To select another image, click Change or Remove, then browse to the image. The image is added to the Generate Report screen and, after you save the new report template, is included in reports that use the template.
  7. Click Save As New Template.
  8. Enter a template name, then click Save.
The report template is available for use. To use the report template in future analyses, you must add it to an analysis workflow. For more information, see Add a report template to an analysis workflow.