Add a report template to an analysis workflow

If you know which information that you want to include in a final report for sequencing results that are shown in the Analysis Results table, you can add a report template to an Ion Reporter™ Software analysis workflow. Reports published from the analysis results that use the analysis workflow are based on the report template that is associated with an analysis workflow.

  1. Create a custom report template or select a system template.

    For more information, see Create a report template or Create a final report template workflow preset.

  2. In the Workflows tab, click Create Workflow.
  3. Make the appropriate selections in the Research Application, Reference, Annotation, Filters, Copy Number, and Plugins steps.

    For more information, see Create a custom analysis workflow without predefined settings.

  4. In the Final Report step, under Final Report Template, select the report template that you want to associate with the analysis workflow.
  5. Make appropriate selections in the Parameters step, then confirm.

    Your analysis workflow with the corresponding report template is now available for use when you review analysis results.