Create a PDF report of MyVariants

You can create a PDF report of MyVariants in Ion Reporter™ Software.

  1. In the Analysis tab, click Overview.
  2. Click an analysis link to open the Analysis Results screen.
  3. Select the MyVariants that you want to include in the report.

    MyVariants are denoted by flags in the Analysis Results screen. You can also use filter chains to filter the analysis results for only flagged variants. For more information, see MyVariants filter .

  4. Click Generate Report. If a report template is associated with the analysis workflow, use the Select Final Report Template dialog box to:
    • Select a template, then click OK.

    • Click Create Report Template to create a new template. For more information, see Create a report template.

  5. Enter required information into the sections. For more information, see Available report sections.
  6. (Optional) Scroll to the Reported Variants section, then click Select Columns. Rearrange the columns, if needed, then click Next.

    A preview of the PDF report opens. Click Previous to go back and change the report if needed.

  7. When you are satisfied with the report sections, click Lock and Publish, then review the PDF. If edits are needed click Cancel, then make edits.
  8. Click Publish to create the final report.
  9. Click Download to download the published report.